When it comes to transferring any files from one to another device, most of the people are struggling and it could be a lengthy option too. Of course, the speed of sharing entirely based on the number of files to be shared. If you are the one who is facing so many issues while sharing the images and videos with your friends, then it is the best time to make use of the right file transferring apps. Now, get ready to say goodbye to older file transferring devices since Superbeam is here which helps you to share any of the files in a fast manner! 

With the help of this superb application, you are free to share any of the documents with another device. For this, you need to have Wi-Fi connection alone and so the sharing would be easy and possible. Since it is designed for the Smartphone device and so it runs smoothly on your android device. Simple in words, no matter what type of Wi-Fi connection you are having, but superbeam helps you to transmit a file at a high speed!

What are the exciting features of superbeam?

  • Using Wi-Fi connection, you are free to transmit any of the files at a higher speed  
  • You can pair your device with another device by means of NFC or QR scanning code.
  • In addition, one can make use of the web interface if you don’t have Superbeam on your device 
  • Sharing single or multiple files could be possible such as images, videos, movies, and any other documents. 
  • At the same time, it will help you to have a backup and history of sharing information 
  • Modern interface design and so sending and receiving is simplified and enjoy a lot 
  • Available with different color themes 


SuperBeam 5.0 is the latest and fastest file transferring app and so sharing anything can be possible by means of this exciting app.